Improvisation. Community Building. Education. 


Internationally recognized musician, Brett Walberg is a Boston based multi-instrumentalist, educator, band leader and community builder.

With a keen focus on developing new spaces for music and the performing arts to collaborate and thrive, Walberg is constantly deepening and refining his own work while supporting and creaitng opportunities for others. His own sound channels the masters of the saxophone tradition, a dark warmth reminiscent of the past with a dynamic and boundary pushing approach to improvisation and story telling firmly pointing towards the future. 


Over the past decade, Walberg has continued to hold a central focus on reestablishing and recreating a vibrant community for performing arts and creative music to thrive within the community at large. In creating opportunities such as The Session at Virtuosity and Studio Jazz Sessions at Variety Bar, both in Boston, Walberg creates unique spaces for musicians to perform, network and experiment. With using his experience from performing throughout the world, Brett aims to create inter-sectional spaces that helps inspire members of the community to continue to build up each other and create more music. 


As an educator and mentor, Brett continues to use lessons of the past while attempting to contextualize modern developments in music to encourage discussion and debate about what it means to be a musician. Both at the collegiate level and individual level, Walberg shows a deep commitment to instilling the history and perspective of master's past to help the next generation of improvisers and academics to be creative, thoughtful and community leaders. 

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